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The purpose of engaging with a professional for help when buying and negotiating property, particularly one of higher value, is to guide you through the process with only your interests in mind. Unlike a conventional real estate agent, our focus is exclusively and solely with you – the purchaser – meaning our goal is to find the most suitable property for your needs and then negotiate the best price for you.

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So, what is a Buyer’s Agent exactly?

A Buyer’s Agent is typically appointed to handle all the complicated steps and enquiries that come with procuring a property but, before even getting to negotiations, you’ll be spending a fair bit of time navigating what your wish list entails. And, when it comes to choosing who you want to provide your exclusive representation, you need to be confident that you are engaging with a trusted and dependable representative who will look after your best interests and contest the sale on fair terms.

Being an exclusive Buyer’s Agent or Buyer’s Advocate means that we don’t handle any sales listings and consequently have no conflict of interest when delivering our services. We provide expert advice, unbiased reviews and have no affiliation to a particular property when narrowing down the search.

We ensure that all of the advice we provide is relevant to your needs with no limitations in finding the properties that fit your requirements. We make it our business to understand your short and long term goals, and whereas other agents might focus on the strength in their property listing and making the sale, we focus on negotiating the terms and conditions to ensure you are achieving a good outcome.

Negotiations within the premium property market can include more than just the end sale price and can be time consuming. Closing dates and other deadlines, personal property at the home, and all sorts of additional items can form part of negotiations, taking valuable time to go back and forth. It is during this process that you will appreciate the energy and enthusiasm we infuse to make your next purchase stress-free.

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Why should I use a Buyer's Agent?

Put simply, buying a home isn’t the same as buying a car. The process requires the expertise that comes with countless home sales – something that the Boutique Buyer Agents team undoubtedly has. Engaging with an experienced Buyer’s Advocate means you are avoiding any potential oversights and allows the experts to lead you through the finer details when making an offer. When buying a luxury home or a property of greater value, you don’t want to hear that this is the agent’s first roll of the dice. Be confident that when you choose to engage with Kim and her team of specialists, you are in the best capable hands.

As a respected Buyer’s Agent, we are here to help find the perfect house, liaise on your behalf with the different parties involved, and go in to bat for you during the transaction process. With access to a network of experienced professionals, plus sales data that provides the whole scope of the sale, without the added support from an experienced Buyer’s Advocate such as ourselves, you could end up decelerated by paperwork, cost yourself more money than its true value, or even miss out on the home altogether.

Homes of higher value are often limited in their exposure to the general public so it’s important that your selected Buyer’s Agent is recognised in the community and well-connected in professional networks. Our clients include individuals, families, corporate executives and international patrons as well as repeat clientele, so believe that we carry a trustworthy reputation when you’re looking at buying premium property in Melbourne.

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