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How is your Melbourne Luxury Home defined?

As a Luxury Buyer’s Agent in Melbourne, we focus on the niche market of luxury properties valued above $10 million. With different needs to a traditional client, we know buyers like this prioritise premium quality, upmarket amenities, striking designs or a breathtaking location when searching to buy a home.

Learning about that rare or off-market opportunity is one of the many reasons people choose to engage with a Luxury Home Buyer’s Agent, though in some cases, buyers can’t isolate exactly what they are looking for, they just know what they do and don’t like, so we develop a strategy and narrow down their selection criteria.

When having our consultation with a new buyer, it is important for them to ascertain the feelings that the phrase ‘luxury property’ means for them.
Is it the location? The view? The features of the property? Access to amenities? Or a nostalgia that you simply can’t place a value on. Whatever it is, as experienced Luxury Property Agents we know that a high price point alone doesn’t put a property into this classification.

For a property to be labelled ‘luxury’ it needs to be unique and exclusive, and typically offers all the same features that all buyers want, just on a grander scale. Some offer privacy and security, custom design and opulent finishes, others have ‘potential’ and simply provide a starting canvas for you to begin. So, what defines luxury…


Market trends and conventionally high end or affluent suburbs often set the benchmark for where you might behind your search for top-tier properties. However, prominent addresses or postcodes are no longer the defining baseline for luxury real estate.

Some clients are willing to look at areas that offer a quieter lifestyle than the hustle and bustle of city living. We can assist you in working out where it is you would like to live and set the search brief around your needs.

Lpi Location
Lpi Convenience


Affluent buyers have different requirements when it comes to finding their ‘perfect abode’. From downsizers looking to scale down to buyers looking at purchasing a similar property in a different location or those who are upgrading to a larger home. We will ensure that we listen to your needs and assist in purchasing a property that ticks those boxes for your requirements.


A key characteristic of some of the most high-end exclusive properties on the market today is the promise of privacy, security and seclusion. In a world of increasing online activity and social media documenting daily movements, a private sanctuary may be the defining clause in your luxury purchase, however, finding that potential property to give you those conveniences may be difficult if you aren’t working with a qualified, and well-connected Buyer’s Agent.

Lpi Privacy2
Lpi Potential


Having a house flip or ‘worst house on the best street’ approach could be what ultimately drives many with their premium property purchase. When choosing a property this way, it is incredibly important to identify the aspects of the home that cannot be changed. As a Luxury Buyer’s Agent in Melbourne, we know origins such as the direction of the sun and location of the view are there to stay, but the offensive tiles, a kitchen remodel or an additional storey is something that can be addressed.

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Whatever luxury means to you – whether it’s understated elegance or grand opulence – we will work with you and your requirements, safeguarding those non-negotiables in case nostalgia creeps in and emotions take over the overriding intent of the purchase. We will always complete a comparative market analysis, Research recent sale prices for like-kind properties in the area, and study market trends and forecasts.

Luxury for one buyer is different to another, so know that you can confidently rely on Boutique Buyer Agents to represent you personally and deliver what it means to you – after all, it’s your luxury… defined.


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