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Downsizing for retirement crosses the minds of many Australians simply because of the financial benefits and lifestyle improvements it can deliver in the later stages of life. The kids have moved out and have families of their own, work/life balance changes, and moving into a smaller home, or one that requires less maintenance, may seem like the obvious choice.

But what is downsizing exactly? As your downsizing buyer’s agent, we can make the process much simpler for you.

We appreciate that today’s buyers who are ready to downsize from the big family home to a more manageable property aren’t looking to compromise their standards. So, whilst you might be looking for a smaller, luxury home or perhaps a penthouse apartment, we know your new property requires the same high-quality finishes and generous living areas you are accustomed to.

Knowing when the right time is to start thinking about downsizing differs with everyone’s individual circumstance, but at Boutique Buyer Agents, we want you to approach this next chapter with excitement and ease, not stress and tension.

For many, transitioning to a new lifestyle can be overwhelming, both emotionally and logistically, with your home holding so many memories and a lifetime’s worth of possessions. The decision shouldn’t be made lightly, and only when you are ready.

Some of the reasons people choose to downsize include:

  • Your home has simply become too big, children have moved out and there are many rooms left unused in your property.
  • Travel has opened up once more and so with slowing down of work commitments or even approaching retirement, you want travel to feature frequently in your plans. With this in mind, you require a property with minimal maintenance, or lock up and leave safety.
  • The time spent on housework, upkeep of large gardens and home maintenance is becoming too much – or you would prefer to use that free time engaging in other things.
  • Moving closer to children who have moved to another part of the city.

Professionals In Assisting Downsizers Find Their Next Ideal Home

We want our clients to enjoy the experience when exploring the options out there when searching for the ideal downsizer property. Have you ever considered moving to the top floor of a boutique building? Keeping your prospects open, and with all the hassles of home and garden maintenance being taken care of, perhaps this version of living in luxury is calling. Whatever you are looking for, once you’ve decided to explore downsizing in Victoria, Boutique Buyer Agents can help you on your journey.

Our team of experts use local knowledge and experience to find the right opportunity for you. If you’ve owned a larger property for an extended period of time, your home has likely appreciated considerably over the years and moving into a more suitable residence as you approach retirement can help provide some financial freedom.

Specialised in finding value in that next opportunity – we use all the tools at our disposal to do a comparative market analysis to outline the pros and cons based on your requests. And, if you do decide that the property of interest is worth pursuing, we continue on to the next phase of negotiations.

Knowing When It’s Time To Find A Buyer’s Advocate

Making the decision to downsize can be complicated, but identifying the signs, and understanding the new freedoms and lifestyle opportunities that come from living in a smaller space, can make the choice easier.

You remember when your home was bustling with activity – whether getting the kids ready for school or spending weekends at home with their friends. But now, you’ve realised there is a lot of space left unused and are ready to explore what else is out there.

When was the last time you used your guest room? Are there rooms in your home that are only being used as storage space for your possessions? Are you getting sick of cleaning spaces that collect dust because no one is using them? If you answered yes to any of these questions, chances are you already know the solution.
Another way to look at things is comparing your neighbourhood now, to when you first fell in love with the area. Is it noisier? Busier? Have your friends moved away? It’s not to say that you don’t love where you live – it simply just doesn’t fit in with your lifestyle anymore. Now is your opportunity to discover what kind of lifestyle you want – what’s important to you in these later stages in life – and this phase can be one of the most exciting parts about moving!

When we speak to clients who are considering downsizing, we ask them to think about the long term. Where do they see themselves in the next 10 years? Most people who are considering downsizing for retirement are often planning for longer than that so need to reflect on physical characteristics such as stairs (and how their own health and body will be functioning) and proximity to necessities, should they choose to drive less and make the most of walking to the local shops.

Is travel something you picture strongly in your retirement? A garden requiring constant maintenance might be appealing now, but will deteriorate if someone isn’t watering and pruning those roses regularly whilst you travel the globe.
Regardless of your reasons for downsizing, Boutique Buyer Agents can make the process that much easier.

Working Alongside You

The market has probably changed significantly since you last were looking at purchasing real estate, so it’s important you find a friendly, relatable and trustworthy agent when it comes time to searching for that perfect downsizer property. Our team are up to date with what you can expect in the process and our objective is to handle everything you need to set up your new life with confidence! We want nothing more than to see you settle in your new home so that it feels just as comfortable as your old one!

If you’re thinking of downsizing, give us a call or contact us through our website. We can discuss your personal situation and help you understand how Boutique Buyer Agents can help you reach your downsizing goals.


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